January 16, 2019

New Year, New Us…LITERALLY!

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So by now you’ve probably already saw my announcement via social media if not peep the above image. We are expecting our first baby July 2019. Oh man! We are jumping for joy. Some of you may recall a few posts ago, I talked about my diagnosis of PCOs and infertility, so finding out that I was pregnant was still a shock for me — even though we were trying. Like, wow. Us? Me? Is this really happening? Because, I was to the point where I didn’t think it could happen for us. But it has, and I just want to savor every moment (even this awful morning sickness — first trimester blues).

Only a few people have known  about our struggle, and the past few months before finding out I felt like both my husband and I were at the point of giving up. For some reason, I was a little adamant about sharing our news to the masses. I really admire those who are so open with talking about their intimate, and very personal stories. I actually thought I would be able to be that person too. But somehow, I just felt like I needed to be private about it.

Not only was I feeling very protective, but I know there are countless people out there that are struggling, and may have been struggling longer than we were. I now know that sharing your news can mean an abundance of love being sent your way, encouraging words (and at times comes with unsolicited advice), and positive energy that just adds to your happiness. In turn it has brought a support system that I didn’t know I was missing. It’s such a nice feeling. And I am truly grateful for it all.

We are taking this pregnancy day by day and are just so curious about our little human. Daydreaming and envisioning what our new normal will be like in six months. Will the baby have gap teeth and deep dimples like me? Will they be just as brilliant as their dad? Hair? Will the baby have lots of hair?! Oh man, I could just go on and on and on about our little wasabi. My heart could just burst right now.

Just want to say, thank you to those that have been such a bright light over the past few weeks. It has meant so much to us. And to those that are ttc — keep fighting. xx


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