March 22, 2018

Meet Me at the Barre! It’s Going Down!

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In the summer of 2017 I decided I no longer wanted to be a member of a franchised gym. I had been working out consistently since winter of 2012. I was tired of the repetition of getting up every single morning at 5:30 am to get on a treadmill. I no longer wanted to be my husbands gym partner as the workouts were just weight training. Working out started to feel like a job, and where’s the motivation in that? I wasn’t “sweating for the wedding” anymore, so living in a robotic state and doing the same kind of workouts were no longer for me. I had a “been there, done that” attitude when it came to finding new workout techniques via Pinterest or downloading the latest fitness app.

One day, I decided to hit up a friend from high school who is now a fitness instructor in Utah. She had always posted about pilates and barre and the benefits of doing these workouts. She gave me the encouragement and motivation to find a local studio and actually go to a class.

For those of you who don’t know what barre is it’s a workout routine that combines elements of ballet, pilates and yoga into an efficient and effective workout. The class will usually incorporate some props into the workout routine, such as yoga blocks, playground balls, resistance bands and light hand weights. Most classes are generally just an hour long and will include a 5-10 minute warm up, followed by a 10-15 minute upper body work out using light hand weights, then 20-30 minutes spent at the barre working the legs and seat, then a 10 minute abdominal section, followed by a short cool down/final stretch.

I was so happy that I actually did find a studio in my area. As I am a bit skeptical with things here especially since this city is about 10 years behind on everything. As many of you have probably seen on my Instagram feed, I started attending barre classes last fall and boy, I am so happy I did! The instructors are so knowledgable, the energy is welcoming, and the classes are so much fun! Barre is probably the fastest and most effective way to change your body. And it is above all, safe. You even can workout barefoot, wear ballet shoes or cute grippy socks. I can’t believe I actually get excited about socks now. Who the hell have I turned into?

After attending my first class, I instantly knew that I would be coming back again. I also knew for sure I was going to pay for it the next morning, but holy cannoli, I loved being that sore. It was an amazing feeling. There were muscles on my body that were sore that I didn’t even know existed. I have never ever found an exercise class or routine as enjoyable as barre. Who knows, maybe it also has something to do with this studio too. And let’s not even talk about when I miss classes due to prior engagements with Rasheem’s school schedule or being out of town. Can I just say, it’s kind of weird to think of myself as having a regular exercise routine and being so happy about it. It most likely had to do with being so opposed to working out.

Just so you know barre classes have been helping men and women alike, tone, lift, and tighten for decades. This method of exercise is far from new. I’m just late to the game, playa.

Please tell me your thoughts on barre. Are you down with the get down yet?


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